A  R  O  U  N  D     T  H  E     P  L  A  C  E

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My Inner Colour

I am red

Colour blind people confuse me with greenery

Walking rootless plant

Privet cut as a damsel

Alfalfa wall cut as a woman

Erect against everything and the whole

I oppose myself as green but on a red background

Very red I say it again incredibly red

Around the Place (Autour du lieu)

Librairie galerie Racine, 2008

isbn : 2-243-04375-0


    Madeleine Novarina began writing poems at a young age, only one of which remains, La clé de mes chimères (the key of chimerae) written in Lyon during the occupation, when she was nineteen. From 1965 onwards, she felt the need to return to it. Between the age of 43 and 46, she wrote a book titled Autour du lieu (Around the place).

    “At the time she wrote these poems, Madeleine Novarina made hundreds of ink drawings inspired by her perpetually sparkling libido at the rate of two or three a day. It was very fun to see her, in a jiffy, giving birth to countless pieces of paper with pictures of the various women who were in her, the lover, the dreamer, the playful one, the accomplice of children, the fighter, the worrier, the careless one, the mocking or the unconventional one.”

Sarane Alexandrian

Autour du lieu

Éditions Librairie Galerie Racine, Paris, 2008.

Sexuel desire creates a void around lovers

When the wolf scrutinises with a magnifying glass

His transparent female

Then fur of the white desert ripples

Beneath the sandy wave

La rêverie féminine

ou la veilleuse de nuit, 1967

Christophe Dauphin’s collection

Ms. Portosex suffers the effects of safe port

The drudgery of household once again

I snacksoup

You polishidy

She washupise

We overscrub

You metalspongestuff

They blindzenzim

The Enchanted Bed

Under the purple quilt the sleepers breathe

holding hands

The red eye of Mercedes did not blink

Twenty-four twenty-five degrees of luxury

The cube in the attic floats in the space of the dream

Very far away

They went seeking themselves

To redefine their gender

La voyante, 1968

The Loving Woman arriving with a Dance Step

(Amoureuse arrivant sur un pas de danse), 1965

Le Couple, 1966

La Cénaphore, 1967

La Protectrice, 1968

Une Femme bouleversée, 1968

Pour Sarane, 1969

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La Nourrice des poissons, 1968

Tête de ligne, 1968

La Cueillante, 1967

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